Underrated horror performances

There are some horror performances that manage to launch careers(Jamie lee Curtis in halloween), and then there are some that fall through the cracks so to speak. for me, there are 3 performances in particular that. For this post id wanted to focus on 3 performances that i feel have been unfairly overlooked(I also tried to find a clip for each one). And i figured it would be a good way to kick off October Horror šŸ™‚

Patrick Fabian in The Last Exorcism-I enjoyed this one more than i thought i would, and i think Fabians performance is one reason why. I think he embodies the everyday persona really well, and made me really sympathize with his character.

It was hard finding a clip online where he is front and center, and while this isn’t one of his most prominent scenes i didn’t have many choices

Max Theriot in My Soul to take-This movie didn’t seem to be received well as a whole,but i was one of the few who enjoyed it. This includes Theriots performance(In some of the reviews i read that didn’t like the movie still mentioned his performance as notable,so i don’t think im alone on that). I think he perfectly captured his characters beginning innocent, and how his character loses that by the end of the movie.

Isabelle Furhman in Orphan-In my opinion her performance is the reason to see this. Even with more experienced actresses/actors in the cast, isabelle manages to make herself the center of attention everytime she is on screen. She manages to portray Esther with enough nuance and depth that she comes off as more than just a typical cliche evil kid character. She comes off grounded,even if her characters backstory may be a bit wacky. For this i also added a interview where she talks about how she doesn’t view her character as evil, and imo shows a good understanding of Esther(the character she plays). The interviewer is a bit obnoxious tho

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6 Responses to Underrated horror performances

  1. Alex Withrow says:

    I LOVED Patrick Fabian in The Last Exorcism. He was such a goof in the beginning, but when it was time to get real, he certainly did. I believed him the whole time in that flick.

  2. sati says:

    I adored Fuhrman in Orphan – such a fantastic and mature performance. Shame her career didn’t take off.

  3. Sir Phobos says:

    Yea, Cotton Marcus is awesome. I love that character, and he’s a big reason the movie works for me.

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