About that Wonderfull life sequel

Twitter was abuzz with news of a Wonderful Life sequel. As expected, many people are shocked,disgusted,and just turned by the news of this. And knowing the plot of this one makes it even worse,as it seems to contradict the whole message of the first(Apparently this one is about how better off the world is without Baileys grandson…really)

Now, with almost all random sequels/remakes/prequels, the prime motivation is money. But even from a moneymaking perspective,this seems like a really terrible idea. I mean, im not sure what the audience for this is.

There are plenty of Wonderfull Life superfans,but i don’t see any of them clamoring for a sequel 60 years later. Especially if its going to end up contradicting the message of the sequel. This isn’t some iconic comic-book people have been wanting to see on screen,and A Wonderfull Life didn’t really lave audiences desperate for a follow-up.

And as for the casual movie-goer…i don’t see this one drawing them either. I doubt many of them know of the original,so brand recognition doesn’t seem like it would be that much of a help here. And even for the ones who do, if they care at all about it they probably don’t want a sequel like the superfans.

The only way i could see this working out is if they manage to get a bunch of big stars for this,and even then its success would be doubtful imo.So yeah,this seems pointless. It seems to me re-releasing the original on blue-ray would be a far more sensible way to milk that extra cash. Im sure there are plenty of fans who would love that.

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2 Responses to About that Wonderfull life sequel

  1. le0pard13 says:

    Brett Ratner tried to deliver not a sequel but a remake of this Capra classic, The Family Man, a dozen years back. This is about as good as that idea. Meaning not.

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