Captain America:Winter Soldier review

Managed to catch this one in theaters yesterday,and i had to write down my thoughts on it

I was not a fan of the first one,but this more than made up for it. It fused elements of thriller with the superheroics, giving it a surprisingly unique feel among the glut of superhero films out there. Its also manages to allude to some slightly mature themes about security and freedom,which meshes with Rogers unwavering idealism quite well. Of course this the main point of this film is to provide well crafted thrill ride,so don’t expect heavy philosophical discussion. But its nice to have that little bit of substance in a movie like this.

Rogers is definitely far more interesting in this one,as he grapples with a world very different from the one he knew. This also makes Evans performance more notable in this one. Black Widow continues to get fleshed out beyond just being a sexy assassin,and the rest of the ensemble all bring something to the story.

So yeah, i highly recommend this one

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4 Responses to Captain America:Winter Soldier review

  1. CMrok93 says:

    I liked this first one, but only because it seemed like a joke in and of itself. This one seemed like an improvement over that, only because it seemed to take its story a bit more seriously than before. Good review.

  2. jjames36 says:

    I liked the first one, a lot, too. But I agree that this one is a definite improvement. My favorite part? The way Black Widow is developed here.

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