Two short reviews. I haven’t really had the energy for any in depth ones,but it’s been a while since i posted anything

Rogue One-This one is a bit different than other Star Wars films,but i think that worked in its favor here. Overall,the movie felt closer to a war film than a sci-fi adventure like usual. I liked how it complicated our view of the rebels in regards to there morality. They are still the good guys,but we see them resort to some morally ambiguous methods for there goal. I also felt completely invested in the characters when the big battle rolled around in the third act.

The Witch- One of the more ambitious horror films to come out in the last few years, this one focuses on terror and superstition within a Puritan family. One thing that immediately jumps out at you is its visuals. The costumes,lighting,and the overall look really takes you back to that time. It also goes more for atmosphere than jump scares,doing a great job of building up the dread as it goes on.

The acting is amazing across board,and everyone does a good job of showing there character’s lose there respective sanity as things get more and more frightening. There is also some great voice work in a particular scene that helps give it a frightening edge. So overall,one of the best horror movies of 2016,and in general one of the better horror flicks of the last few years

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