So im now working at a movie theater,so with the job searching worry out of the way i’m hoping to get back to posting more frequently on this blog. Also i’m trying to get back to short film making so hopefully there will be more updates on that front too.

Get Out- This one had a great balance of suspense and comedy, without its tone spinning out of control. It also does a good job of keeping you guessing what exactly is going on for most of the film. The film also has deeper meaning,using horror movie tropes as social commentary on racism.

Logan- Now between his other 2 solo flicks and the way his prominence seemed to increase with each X-men movie i had started to get tired of him getting the limelight. But honestly this one impressed me a lot. It was in the dark/gritty vein of superhero movies but it felt natural to the world and the characters. It was kind of like a cross between a superhero flick and a western. To me,it pushed the Wolverine character as far as possible,and was a great send-off of him.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2- Loved this one. While on the surface it definitely seems like one of the lighter,goofier superhero movies out there, it manages to achieve a surprising emotional depth. It really makes you care about its characters,and brings surprising humanity to 2 of the villains from the last movie. Largely the film was about family,and how it can mess you up when it goes wrong. I also think the main villian was one of the more interesting ones to come from a marvel movie in recent years/

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