The DC CW-verse had there second crossover recently,using Earth-X as a way to to do a “what if our heroes were Nazi’s type”  type plotline. This is not a new one,as various shows and movies have touched upon this idea from time to time. However,i think in this particular run had a grounding to it that most takes on this don’t have. Those come from two main moments.

One of them involves’ Felicity standing her ground against the Zani version of Green Arrow. For those unfamiliar, Felicity  is specifically jewish,which gets referenced every now and again in Arrow. Now she has become a divisive character in the fandom mainly due to the handling of her will they/wont they with Olivier. And when the promo for the crossover was released with a small bit of this some thought she was a odd character choice for a scene like this. But after watching it in the show,i think it was a perfect decision.

The other scene had to do with Sara Lance, who’s father in the alternative universe ended up a Nazi. The father mentions her fitting the Nazi ideal, when she proudly claims her identity as a bisexual women. Then it is revealed the father killed the Sara in the  alternative universe because of that.

These two scenes gave it’s take on the “what if they were Nazi’s” shtick a grounding i didn’t expect. It reminded you this was a real ideology and not just a plot device. Now this is still a superhero crossover with time travel,but i think the use of specifically  marginalized characters fighting back gave the whole thing a bit more impact then if it was just a bunch of straight white dudes fighting dimensional nazis.

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