End of a Era

In the season finale of Arrow, Diggle says this in reference to Oliver leaving Star City. But for me,it took on a meaning outside of the plot itself. A major theme of the episode was legacies, and i would definitely say the show has had a big impact on my life. When the show started,i was 22. So it has been around for most of my adult life,when my tastes in cinema and television had started to solidify itself.

Throughout its run i would sometimes talk about particular moments that struck out to me with my dad and oldest brother. And while they never watched it, i still enjoyed those discussions. So in a way the show had become part of the family. I’ve gone through many changes and tribulations since the show started, but one thing that never changed was my love for the show.

This doesn’t mean i thought it was perfect. There were plotlines and moments that didn’t jive with me. But the lows never outweighed the highs, and the show provided me with more then enough memories to keep me invested. A example of that is when they had Felicity’s mom talk about wanting a Jewish wedding,and since my dad is Jewish i felt i had to share it with him.

There is still one season to go, which i am, eagerly anticipating. The show will always hold a special place in my heart, both as a creative influence and just something that became a big part of my life.



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