Tribute to The Magicians

Coming into this show,i was a bit wary of it leaning too heavily on the whole “Harry Potter but edgy” shtick the marketing for the show has been leaning on. But something about it also grabbed my curiosity,and i have to say after its conclusion i’m happy i gave it a chance.

The show does like to fit in some pop references every now and again,and most of the characters do fit certain archetypes. But as the show went on, it used its setting to explore some heavy material in a way that felt surprisingly deft. I distinctly remember when it first broached the subject of sexual assault, mentally i was just like “no this can’t be happening.” But through its various seasons it has managed to plunge some real emotional depths without it feeling exploitative and still giving the audience some fun,snappy moments.

In particular, one of the themes the final season focused on was grief. And in early February this theme became closer to me then i ever anticipated,  when a close friend of my oldest brother committed suicide. And i particular remember one specific scene where Alice talked to a new character about handling grief,and if it gets easier. It took on a deeper more intense feeling,mirroring my own emotional journey.

Plot-wise, it felt like the writers had more they could have gone on. But knowing the circumstances of what they had to do,i feel as a series finale it felt as good as the audience was going to get. This show i’m sure would have held a special place ion my heart even without without those emotional circumstances. But it did end up being a unexpected comfort in helping me through my own grief, and for that i will be thankful for. So instead of focusing on what more i could have got, i will appreciate the show for what it did manage.

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