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Tribute to HTGAWM

In the beginning,i have to say I found pretty much all the leads hard to root for as everyone seemed unsympathetic. But I wanted to give the show a little more wiggle room to catch me, because back then and … Continue reading

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Tribute to The Magicians

Coming into this show,i was a bit wary of it leaning too heavily on the whole “Harry Potter but edgy” shtick the marketing for the show has been leaning on. But something about it also grabbed my curiosity,and i have … Continue reading

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Witcher Season 1 Review

A fun fantasy, with some deeper themes hidden underneath. One of these themes seemed to be the classic ‘Man is the real Monster” trappings. In almost all of the monster of the week style episodes, it turned out said monster … Continue reading

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The Farewell

A exploration of clashing social values, the film manages to show differing views on handling imminent loss of a loved one without vilifying either viewpoint. And while i haven’t been faced with this particular situation,i think anyone who has come … Continue reading

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End of a Era

In the season finale of Arrow, Diggle says this in reference to Oliver leaving Star City. But for me,it took on a meaning outside of the plot itself. A major theme of the episode was legacies, and i would definitely … Continue reading

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Pose, and my own mother

I watch a lot of TV shows, and so due to that and a few other factors i have to go through shows slowly. Pose recently had its season finale,but i am still slowly catching up. I had gotten to … Continue reading

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The DC CW-verse had there second crossover recently,using Earth-X as a way to to do a “what if our heroes were Nazi’s type”  type plotline. This is not a new one,as various shows and movies have touched upon this idea … Continue reading

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