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My filmmaking influences

As promised my post on what has influenced me as a aspiring filmmaker. There are a lot of films that have probably influenced in that area(I’ve noticed i’ve gotten a fondness for darker films in particular,and most of my film … Continue reading

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Why i will always be a vampire fan

Ever since twilight vampires have gotten a bad rep, being seen as just another bothersome trend. As someone who loves the everything supernatural,including vampires, i felt someone should come to there defense(And as someone who made 2 vampire related speeches … Continue reading

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Do filmmakers have a moral responsibility?

In my opinion, no. This is because i believe a rational person can tell the difference between fantasy and reality. I myself have seen many R rated movies before reaching the age of 18 due to having 2 older brothers(I … Continue reading

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WHy has there been no good female superhero movies

A couple of days ago something occurred to me. There has no good female super hero film. Elektra was average,CatWoman was terrible, and Joss Whedons script for a Wonder-Woman movie was rejected. The only exception i can think of is … Continue reading

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Hollywood vs Foreign

I feel a lot of the time the media(movies, tv shows, videogames) gets the blame for america’s various problems, and this seems to come from the idea that some people have which is that hollywood movies are too extreme compared … Continue reading

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In defense of Kristen Stewart and others

A few days ago i watched “The Runways” with Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning. At first, it was odd to see Kristen swearing and doing the rock girl thing considering her most well known role is bella in twilight, but … Continue reading

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The prevalence of voice overs

A few days ago me and my dad started watching a movie called “Norikos Dinner Table.” We decided to quit halfway through to finish another time. One reason was because it was getting late, but another reason is because the … Continue reading

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