New vampire Academy trailer

A new trailer for the vampire Academy debuted recently,and i have to say its a improvement over the first trailer we got.

The biggest reason im liking this trailer more is that the Lissa/Rose friendship was far more prominent. IMO its one of the most interesting aspects of the books,and helps it differentiate itself from other YA novels out there.

Also this one felt less silly than the first trailer. I mean it still has comedic bits,and the book was like that too but the first one seemed to overdose on that aspect.

There seem to be a few elements of the book absent(and one character looks totally different from what i imagined), but i guess that happens in any adaption. Still,there is something about he visuals in this that just aren’t popping out like i would like.

But overall,this makes me more hopeful about this being good.

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About that Wonderfull life sequel

Twitter was abuzz with news of a Wonderful Life sequel. As expected, many people are shocked,disgusted,and just turned by the news of this. And knowing the plot of this one makes it even worse,as it seems to contradict the whole message of the first(Apparently this one is about how better off the world is without Baileys grandson…really)

Now, with almost all random sequels/remakes/prequels, the prime motivation is money. But even from a moneymaking perspective,this seems like a really terrible idea. I mean, im not sure what the audience for this is.

There are plenty of Wonderfull Life superfans,but i don’t see any of them clamoring for a sequel 60 years later. Especially if its going to end up contradicting the message of the sequel. This isn’t some iconic comic-book people have been wanting to see on screen,and A Wonderfull Life didn’t really lave audiences desperate for a follow-up.

And as for the casual movie-goer…i don’t see this one drawing them either. I doubt many of them know of the original,so brand recognition doesn’t seem like it would be that much of a help here. And even for the ones who do, if they care at all about it they probably don’t want a sequel like the superfans.

The only way i could see this working out is if they manage to get a bunch of big stars for this,and even then its success would be doubtful imo.So yeah,this seems pointless. It seems to me re-releasing the original on blue-ray would be a far more sensible way to milk that extra cash. Im sure there are plenty of fans who would love that.

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My thoughts on Malificent trailer

Im not sure what to think about it yet. I mean i love Jolie and she looks to be in top form here, but as for the movie itself im not sold on it yet. I will keep a look out for a more descriptive trailer tho

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THe Shining

As i’ve said before, Horror may be one the second most subjective genre. And now i will add that what is scary can change over time,which means for a horror to maintain it effect decades after its release can be tough. But i think “The Shining” manages to still be pretty effective even today. I don;t think i would say it make me jump out of my seat, but it still maintains a unsettling atmosphere.

Of course, with the Shining Kubrick wasn’t trying to make a typical horror film. What it actually is about is family, and the destruction of it. And i think it executes this theme rather well.

The movie basically begins with a tale of of complete family destruction. And gradually we see the tale repeat itself with the Torrance family partially due to the hotel and partially due to fractures that existed before the Torrances got to the hotel. The presence of alcoholism is as big a demon as the hotel itself. While recounting a tale of abuse Jack committed while drunk, Wendys obvious optimism in jacks changed ways is in direct conflict with the doctors look while listening. Its obvious Wendys hope is not shared.

And when Jack takes first drink in the film, the audience knows there will be no coming back. One thing i’ve heard about the film is that people find Wendys character weak,which i totally disagree with. I feel she just tries to hold on to the hope Jack has changed for the better as long as she could. And when it finally becomes obvious there is no hope for him,she fights back and does everything she can to save Danny.

The directing in this one features a lot of tracking/moving shots(When the family is first checking out the hotel,Dany riding his toy,et.),which to me helps represent the hotels foreboding influence. It manages to create the feeling they are being watched by the hotel.

In a way similar to Eyes Wide Shut, for me this one managed to be ambiguous without being frustrating. This is no easy feat, as for me most arty classics just end up annoying me(Including Kubricks 2001). Im not sure exactly what it means, but it kept me enthralled all the same.

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October Treats:May

After having a hard time finding a horror film that really jumped out at me,i finally found this little gem.As usual,here is the movie summary

Psychological horror about a lonely young woman traumatized by a difficult childhood, and her increasingly desperate attempts to connect with the people around her.

While this movie won’t give you nightmares, it manages to feel pretty unsettling throughout. This is mainly because of the main character,who is extremely weird. And not in the fun quirky way you see in most hollywood flicks.

I mean she acts how a woman who has never had friends in her life would act,and while i don’t want to spoil anything her attempts at communicating with others usually come off creepy and off-putting.

And yet because the movie shows why she has had to deal with loneliness for so long, it makes you sympathize with her even when her behavior borders on repulsive. Anna faris also gives a unusually off-kilter performance that adds to the strangeness of the film.

So while this film probably won’t give you nightmares, i do think it has a interestingly creepy mood.

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Underrated horror performances

There are some horror performances that manage to launch careers(Jamie lee Curtis in halloween), and then there are some that fall through the cracks so to speak. for me, there are 3 performances in particular that. For this post id wanted to focus on 3 performances that i feel have been unfairly overlooked(I also tried to find a clip for each one). And i figured it would be a good way to kick off October Horror 🙂

Patrick Fabian in The Last Exorcism-I enjoyed this one more than i thought i would, and i think Fabians performance is one reason why. I think he embodies the everyday persona really well, and made me really sympathize with his character.

It was hard finding a clip online where he is front and center, and while this isn’t one of his most prominent scenes i didn’t have many choices

Max Theriot in My Soul to take-This movie didn’t seem to be received well as a whole,but i was one of the few who enjoyed it. This includes Theriots performance(In some of the reviews i read that didn’t like the movie still mentioned his performance as notable,so i don’t think im alone on that). I think he perfectly captured his characters beginning innocent, and how his character loses that by the end of the movie.

Isabelle Furhman in Orphan-In my opinion her performance is the reason to see this. Even with more experienced actresses/actors in the cast, isabelle manages to make herself the center of attention everytime she is on screen. She manages to portray Esther with enough nuance and depth that she comes off as more than just a typical cliche evil kid character. She comes off grounded,even if her characters backstory may be a bit wacky. For this i also added a interview where she talks about how she doesn’t view her character as evil, and imo shows a good understanding of Esther(the character she plays). The interviewer is a bit obnoxious tho

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Its been a while since i’ve done any reviews, and i’ve watched way more movies than this. But i managed to write some reviews, and i figured it was better to post some then none at all.

Prisoners-I really enjoyed this one. The avenging father thing isn’t exactly new, but this i think gave it a fresh feeling. It made you think about what you would do in a situation like that,how far one can go and still be the “good” guy,etc. The movie also does a good job of keeping you guessing as to who the main villain is.

The acting here is top notch, and really helps you become immersed in the characters.

Cracks-I really liked the character dynamics in this one. The backdrop of the school provides gives this one some nice visual flair, and i found the themes of idolization,obsession and lust well executed.

Eva Green is superb in this one, radiating a sense of charisma that makes you understand how she has gotten the girls to idolize her the way they do. And Temple does a great job of showing her characters single minded devotion to Mss G.

The Wolverine-A good,but not great blockbuster. I think for me what brought it down was the plot,which i felt was too dense for this type of movie. I appreciate the character-focused feel they were going for, but i think the plot got a bit too convoluted. It got a bit hard to follow when i felt it shouldn’t have been. Still, i did enjoy this for the most part.

The Grandmaster(Original cut)-The visuals here are highly stylized and beautiful to look at. But unfortunately this is where my praise ends. The film moves at a slow pace, which by itself is NOT a flaw in my book. However, here you barely learn anything about the characters, which makes said slow pace a chore to sit through.

The film also divides its screentime between Ip man Gong Er which just makes that issue even worse. Near the end Gong Er starts to show some character, but even then i felt like i wanted to know more about her than was in the film. Ip man fares even worse, coming off bland for basically the entire movie.

There is a political backdrop to the film, but that doesn’t get explored well enough to really draw you into them. Now i realize as a American viewer i may not always completely understand the political/historical context in a foreign film, but i feel like other foreign films have managed to get across a historical context better than this.

It also runs into the biopic cliche of feeling like the script is just checking off important events rather than making you invested in them. And so when those events happen to the characters they have basically no impact. Its just like “oh that happened.”

The Butler-I was reluctant to see this at first,thinking it would be another Oscar bait biopic. And while I’m not sure it ever completely dispells that notion it is definetly one of the better examples of it.

It doesn’t shy away from exploring the ugliness of racism Eugene and his family experienced,which helps gives the film some impact. The family dynamic is well written,giving the film a emotional core. It also develops its main cast well,and for the most part doesn’t rush to from one important event to another.

One minor flaw imo was Cusacks prosthetic nose. Cusack gives a good performance,but I found the nose a bit distracting. But overall this is a well done biopic,even if its Oscar dreams are a bit obvious

Batman beyond-This one left me a bit disappointed. Its a good series, but for me it never became “great”. This is mainly because it doesn’t really develop anything for more than a episode.

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