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Favorite films involving sexuality

I have a fondness for films that are able to explore sexuality in a interesting way. Now, i must emphasis when i say “explore sexuality” i don’t mean just having a bunch of sex scenes for no real reason. What … Continue reading

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My Favorite Nicole Kidman performances

As most people know, Nicole Kidman is one of my favorite actresses. For me, it was when i got around to my first viewing of Eyes Wide Shut that i noticed her talent(I’m sure i’ve seen her in stuff before … Continue reading

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My interpretation of Eyes Wide Shut

When i started watching Stanly Kubricks movies, i knew i wanted to do something special on my blog when i finished. That time has finally come, and i’ve been trying to think of the best way to cover Kubrick, which … Continue reading

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15 question meme

I saw a couple of bloggers do this meme, but i was reluctant too because i didn’t think i would have a good answer from some of them. But Ronan has convinced me to do it. So here goes my … Continue reading

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Because i watch a lot of movies, i will probably use short reviews rather than long ones. Also, i will try to have at least one non-review post in between them, but if you think i should have more non-review … Continue reading

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