October Treats: Grace

For my third entry in this series i will recommend Grace. Like with the other recommendations, this is available for streaming on netflix. The plot summary is this

After losing her unborn child, Madeline Matheson insists on carrying the baby to term. Following the delivery, the child miraculously returns to life with an appetite for human blood. Madeline is faced with a mother’s ultimate decision.

This is one of the most unsettling, disturbing movies i’ve seen recently. What made this movie stand out to me was how it built a unsettling, disturbing atmosphere. This mainly comes through Madelines efforts to keep the child alive despite the obvious effect it is having on her own health, both physically and mentally. This is communicated rather effectively through 3 main elements. The first is a phenomenal performance by the lead actress.

I will admit at first her performance wasn’t grabbing me, but during the later half she managed to impress me. She created a fascinating yet painful portrait of a women who is trying to keep it together but obviously falling apart. It might remind some people of Km Basinger in 9 1/2 weeks.

The second element is great use of makeup. you can literally see how her body is suffering along with her mind through the ordeal. Together these 2 elements make the movie extremely uncomfortable to watch. The last element is a unique visual style. While i can’t say for sure what about it works so well, it definitely helps keep the movie creepy.

That combined with effective gore creates one of the scariest movies i’ve seen in a while. This is not for the faint of heart at all, but if you really want to get freaked out for Halloween i highly recommend tracking this one down if you can.

Edit- After reading Novroz’s comment i have decided to include some pics from the movie

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26 Responses to October Treats: Grace

  1. le0pard13 says:

    I hadn’t heard of this one, Julian. Hmm… I don’t know if I’ll check this one out, but I appreciate your thoughts about the film. Thanks.

  2. rtm says:

    Yikes, that plot alone sounds disturbing man.

  3. Castor says:

    That plot sounds promising! I might give it a shot around Halloween 😀

    • I thought you weren’t big into horror because of the Exorcist. Not that i want to discourage you from watching Grace, i just don’t want to feel guilty about giving you nightmares as i did find it to be a extremely unsettling movie

  4. Tyler says:

    I saw the DVD of this at the local rental store and had a wee look at it… strangely it reminded me of ANTICHRIST. But I doubted then and I still doubt I’d enjoy it like I did with ANTICHRIST.

  5. creepy sounding! ahh!!

    it definitely seems scary!

  6. Novroz says:

    Sounds like my kind of movies. I wish you put some pictures or snapshots to intrigued me more

  7. I’m glad it interested you, and i will edit in some pics now

    Btw i think you might also like my last horror recommendation.

  8. Sir Phobos says:

    I totally forgot about this one. The plot is of the kind that sticks with you even if you haven’t seen it. Although, apparently it didn’t stick with me. Shit. Anyways, it’s now in my queue.

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  10. Ronan says:

    This doesn’t sound like something I would enjoy though I admit that it sounds like an interesting if disturbing plot. I can’t help thinking of Twilight: Breaking Dawn though and I’m pretty sure that’s not a good association.

  11. markuswelby1 says:

    I forgot about this one! I wanted to see it but never got a chance. Thank the lord for Netflix! I always remember the imagery of the flies and the gross bottle on the posters. ugh.

    • Yes, netflix is wonderful….except when a non-mainstream movie that has been out for a while is still only available on dvd(I still haven’t been able to watch 500 Days of Summer)

  12. sati says:

    Great post, I’m really going to have to watch this one. I’ve been watching a lot of bizarre horror movies lately and it looks like this one will fit in the trend nicely.

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